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Stealth Camping in a Vehicle

I'm looking for a way to get to distant hiking / kayaking / biking destinations. I love driving on two lane roads, scouting out the countryside. I hate flying on airlines. Areas that I would like to visit are the upper Great Lake states and provinces, the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountain states and provinces from Alaska to ... Patagonia, and the Pacific Northwest. My preference for traveling is visiting small to medium sized towns and avoiding big cities.

I am looking to get to wild and natural destinations, but on the way there, I hope to travel economically and comfortably. I would like to avoid being tied to using motels and campgrounds, for reasons of cost and loss of freedom. I am satisfied with a camping level of overnighting, knowing that after camping for a while, you learn to make yourself comfortable even with a limited amount of gear. So from a backpacker's point of view, what are the minimum requirements? Shelter from weather and rain, a space of about 4' x 8' to sleep and store your gear, a little bit of food and water and a place to set up your camping stove. Add to this a chance to clean up every once and a while and adequate toilet facilities, and you have a backpacker's dream.

After looking at the options of RV's, conversion vans, camping vans, tent camping and motorcycle camping, the stealth camping van seems to give the most freedom to travel. Freedom to travel as well as freedom to slow down and get to know an area. Stealth camping can also be low cost, which can extend the time that you can be "out there". You should be able to cut the cost of travel to the costs of food, fuel and vehicle maintenance / insurance / repair. The slower you go, the cheaper it gets. You are also free to leave your vehicle anywhere it is legal to park long term, and hike, bike or kayak your way into the wilderness.

I hope that these pages give the reader some ideas on how to set up a stealth camping van and help the reader on his way to adventure.

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