FOR SALE: Autohelm trim-tab windvane and auxiliary rudder

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FOR SALE: Autohelm trim-tab windvane and auxiliary rudder

Postby gdd » Sun Aug 21, 2011 11:22 am

For Sale: Auto-helm self-steering equipment. See the full details here:

Go here for photos of installations on other boats:

This system uses a horizontal axis wind vane to control a trim-tab on its own fully independent rudder. No connection to your boat's steering system is necessary. Great for a boat with hydraulic steering or a center cockpit, or as a way to add an emergency rudder and wind vane at the same time.

It came off a 24 000lb 36 foot long ferro-cement cruiser and I'm sure it could steer something larger.

The gear is in good condition, but not new. The mounting brackets have some non-trivial corrosion where stainless fasteners were used without any isolation from the aluminum piping. Some sections of pipe need to be replaced. The anodized aluminum piping is easy to find and work with. The work required to fix this issue is the same as required for adjusting the mounting to work on a different boat. Adapting to any different boat would require new pipes in the mounting because this bracket was custom made for my old boat.
There is also a little tiny bit of cracking in the aluminum aero-foil, see the photos. Its very minor. Building a spare aero-foil out of plywood should be easy; a spare vane is always carried by offshore sailors anyway.

I believe the gear is about 10-15 years old and spent most that time in storage. The corrosion I've mentioned is not from age and time at sea. The rudder and trim tab (being all fiberglass and stainless steel) are in remarkably good shape.

The gear was taken off the boat to have the mounting be re-built, but then the boat was sold. Some small parts (nut, bolts etc) likely got misplaced. However; the key valuable components are all there and in good shape.

Email me for high-res photos you can zoom in on. The files are to large to post here.

Price is 1500 Cdn$

Location is Vancouver Canada.

Thanks for looking,
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Re: FOR SALE: Autohelm trim-tab windvane and auxiliary rudde

Postby scs » Fri Oct 07, 2011 9:35 pm

Hi George, Your post is from August. Do you still have the Autohelm for sale?

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Re: FOR SALE: Autohelm trim-tab windvane and auxiliary rudde

Postby Alfe » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:32 pm

looking to by ,,,email info and
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Re: FOR SALE: Autohelm trim-tab windvane and auxiliary rudde

Postby altoro1 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:23 pm

hello George,

Do you still have the wind vane auto helm?

if so... what make is it? is it complete?

How much would it cost to send to Pensacola florida?

How do we pay you?

Regards alex

ps. my email is
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